Spice Program

An open source and social impact program sponsored by Futurice

We build a better world

We use our skills to make the world better by contributing to projects with positive social impact.

We make our people happy

We enable Futurice people to do good by contributing to initiatives that are close to their hearts and minds.

We benefit our company

We make Futurice a better company by engaging our people, improving our skills and being damn proud of working here.

Supporting free time contributions

Our employees can work on open source and other social impact projects on their own time and get paid for it.

Use professional skills

We pay 15€ / hour on top of regular salary for employees’ free time contributions that use their professional skills.

Share as open source

Any project goes, as long as the outcome is shared with an open source license. This is not just for developers. It’s for all our specialists.

Keep the balance

We have a 30 hours / person monthly limit on how much is supported. It's meant to protect employees' from overloading themselves.

This is not work

Futurice makes no IPR claims whatsoever regarding these contributions. In fact, we insist on employees taking their due credit for their efforts.

Study our secrets

We published a free e-book that attempts to give you a thorough understanding of how and why we have made open source and social impact activities a very significant part of our company culture.

This book should be particularly interesting for professionals interested in company culture, developer relations, and employee engagement.

The Chilicorn Fund

We select some projects to do pro-bono, on Futurice's time, via collaborations with students and partners. This helps us make a bigger impact and gives more people a chance to contribute.

Visit the Chilicorn Fund page


There's only so much we can do on our own. We want our customers and competitors by our side to make great things happen together.

Want to do magic with us?

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Our work

Open source software

Tools, libraries, hobby apps & more. All kinds of GitHub projects our employees deemed worthy to create or contribute to. Also a few bigger projects, supported directly by Futurice.

Open education

Code schools, code clubs, design & prototyping workshops, open-source teaching material, code clubs for teachers, mentoring...When it comes to digital open education in Finland, we can almost say "you name it, we've done it".

Social inclusion

Finnish language learning content on Memrise, free and accessible. Events & professional coaching with an inclusive flavour. Collaboration with youth centers. More to come.

Climate change

Well, we got nothing yet here. Protecting the climate is extremely important and we're dying to do something about it. Haven't found a good opportunity yet. Any ideas?

Suggest a climate change project

Want to contribute?

Join Futurice

Join one of the best workplaces in the world to enjoy the benefits of Spice: learning new skills at an alarming pace, contributing to worthy causes, getting paid to work on hobby projects you care about.

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Partner with us

Do you have money or experts' time and want to make some positive impact on the world, your employees and your company? Get in touch and let's find a way to collaborate.

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Spread the word

Tell the world about our approach. Tell your employer; ask them to do the same. Tell your friends. Show that this model exists and that it works and challenge others to follow our lead.

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What people say

Futurice has been instrumental in getting teachers on board with concrete suggestions and practical examples of where to find relevant material.
– Mark Ward, Teacher,
Niittykumpu elementary school
We value the opportunity our students have been given to work together with professionals, discussing and finding new ideas. Those workshops we will never forget.
– Seija Nyholm, Assistant Principal,
English School Pitäjänmäki
Spice Program enables people to do good by contributing to initiatives that are close to their hearts and minds.
– Tuomas Syrjänen
CEO of Futurice
Getting examples of design thinking and learning from real life cases about design processes is important and exactly what the school / art & design education needs.
– Päivi Huhtinen, Art & Design Teacher,
English School Pitäjänmäki
Spice program means being able to create what I believe should exist, and being rewarded for that.
– Andre Medeiros
Creator of Cycle.js