OSS Highlights

Highlights from our Summer of Love initiative. Other open source contribution made by Futurice can be found from http://futurice.github.io/


Reservator is a meeting room display system for tablets. Mount your tablet next to your meeting rooms door, install Reservator and you’re good to go! Reservator uses your Google calendar’s resources for booking so you can use it, for example, for conference rooms, classrooms or for lending a video projector. While using Reservator, you can still book rooms normally through Google Calendar. You can also use the application for reserving other meeting rooms within your company.

Screenshot of Reservator

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Source code

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Facegame is a simple game made for learning the faces and names of fellow employees. The game will give you a picture of an employee and you have to select the corresponding name from a few choices. Essentially Facegame is a great game for all kinds of organizations where it’s becoming increasingly harder to get to know your colleagues.

Screenshot of Facegame

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VPN Management

VPN Management is a self-service tool for your employees to handle their OpenVPN certificates. The tool consists of two parts, the server and the installation wizard. VPN Management Server provides the backend and a web interface and VPN Configuration Wizard provides the native application for setting up your configurations. The server is integrated into LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for authentication and the keys are stored in a Git repository.

Screenshot of VPN Configuration Wizard

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Source code for the server

Source code for the wizard


FUM is an user management system for LDAP. FUM makes it easy to handle information about your employees, their projects and servers they have access to. LDAP is a good protocol for user management, but it needs an user-friendly layer on top of it. One of the strengths of FUM is that it gives the users a lot of freedom over their data.

Screenshot of FUM

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