Choosing a license

Choosing a license

"Liberty is the right to do what I like; license, the right to do what you like."
—Bertrand Russel

Which license to choose?

Our advice here applies primarily to software. If you have something else in mind, such as pictures, music or such, please check out the Creative Commons section.

This may be a good starting point, but you really want to read a bit about the licenses before making any final decisions. Some good resources for that include:

Here’s how we roll:

Choosing an open source license

Can I use this work?

It is important to know, if you can use some work. Check out this diagram. Keep in mind that there is no universal rule on “how many lines of code” will constitute a copyright infringement. Could be ten, could be one… The safest bet is to rewrite everything.

If you want to possibly ruin your perfectly good browsing & coffee break, this copyright discussion on Meta Stack Exchange might be of interest.

Again, as far as the licenses go, this should be pretty solid:

Using creative work