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Chilicorn Fund

Pro bono projects for a slightly better world, by Futurice


Here's a selection of what we've done so far:

An experiment of using an open source humanoid robot doing sign language in communication therapy for autistic children.

A project to understand peace technology: demo, workshops, canvases, blog articles.

An app that allows parents from a child protection background to get support and advice anonymously from trained volunteers.

A digital platform that helps people find and hang out with potential future friends.

App for the SuperAda event done in collaboration with students from Haaga-Helia.

Who is it for?

Students and passionate volunteers

If you are part of a student group, or an instructor to one, and looking for a meaningful project to design or implement with our coaching and mentoring, do get in touch!


Companies and institutions

Any company can get involved by either contributing financially, or providing individuals with the relevant skills to create digital services or solutions. Get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up.


Nonprofits, Social Enterprises

If you have a problem worth solving or a project that can change the world, but not enough funding to go for it, apply to be in our program. If your project gets selected, it will be completed pro-bono and you can then take it further.


How does it work?

The Chilicorn Fund's aim is to work with non-profits to create meaningful and impactful digital services. The expertise and time investment comes from the Futurice team, student groups and partner companies. The projects we select must generate value to the individuals working on the project, the supporting companies, and society. All three.

Selection process

We used to have a formal application and selection process.
We had to give that up, due to time limitations. Instead, we are evaluating project leads on a case-by-case basis and focusing our time on moving selected cases forward.

If you have a project that fits the current selection criteria, do get in touch!

Selection criteria

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